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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Advanced Robotics for the Disabled: Segue-Wheelchairs and Exoskeletons

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Science Based Medicine's new article "Cyborg Therapeutics" brings to light some absolutely stunning robotics developed for the handicapped.  I'll share with you some media on these innovations.

First to see is the iBot.  I'm heartbroken to discover that this product is discontinued.  
The Segue-Meets-Wheelchair device is otherworldly,
a seemingly sci-fi creation,
a paraplegic's dream wheelchair.

Watch and see:

Credit: Independence Technology L.L.C. - iBOT® Mobility System.

A second innovation, reported out of Vanderbilt University, is perhaps even more impressive.  A lower body exoskeleton has been designed for paraplegics.  It also uses a segue-related technology and is slated for release in 2014.  Using minor hip movements you can drive these prosthetic legs that are powered by lithium batteries and run by micro-computers.  Watch one man proudly walk on his own, overcoming a devastating car accident that injured his spine and ruined his legs:

Credit: Vanderbilt University


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