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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What Is A Hipster?

I am really NOT in tune with pop culture.  I periodically barrage my younger friends (~20yr) with questions of new trends of vocabulary, fashion, TV shows, etc.  You know, all that stuff normal people call "entertainment."  I was seriously confused about this label that I'm hearing more and more: HIPSTER.

The diagrams show the stereotype.

Apparently hipsters adopt style, lingo, and even attitudes that are anachronistic or noticeably out of mainstream. This may be partly done in order to express their self confidence, as perceived by a readiness to defend their supposedly socially abrasive fashion or habits.

Hipsters, ironically, tend not to refer to themselves as such, and can even take such an accusation as an insult.  They tend to be anti-labels, not an opinion exclusive to hipsters, but notably ironic here. 

Their urge to adopt this style may be motivated by their observation of others sporting the stereotype.  Either consciously or subconsciously recognized, the pursuit of transformation then may be motivated by the desire for the same type of social interactions they observe with others sporting the stereotype.

I'm currently trying to decode the word "Emo" as a fashion or lifestyle stereotype.  
Wish me luck!  

I feel old.

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  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. if you see someone like this its emo: -- lip rings, eye makeup, unnecessarily morose about all topics, may or may not be into Twilight.

  3. I find hipsters actively avoid to be on trend and mainstream, but there are so many of them, that they are mainstream. The term is ironic.

    Emo's have black hair, big fringes and wear eye liner and listen to funeral for a friend, they are 'misunderstood' by society and their parents, and if you are in high school, anyone who is not wearing a bench or fred perry jacket (well in my day anyways!) is an emo!

    It's all a bunch of rubbish anyways! Did love the sketches though.

    1. I am 27 and I've always felt that the "hipsters" my generation became, are grown up "emo kids" HAHA... It bothers me that none of the pictures have an iPhone or MacBook in them haha. Also, they should be drinking either a (also ironically) Pabst Blue Ribbon, or an expensive snooty beer from some weird brewery they suspiciously know everything about. - KB

    2. OR BEER THEY BREWED THEMSELVES! How could I forget?

  4. Thanks for clearing this up! A hipster to me is part nerd, part Beatnik, part Old Gap commercial and 80's Ralph Lauren prep. A retro mish mash for boys. The girl version of what is considered 'cool' is really beyond me. Kind of thrash, meets pinup, meats Marilyn make-up meets Audrey Hepburn.

  5. this is not accuret so re try becus we dont like it i mean me and my ppl

  6. I think Hipsters are just nerds that are trying hard not to be themselves. djBusby, I think you're HOT, and I have a question, is it better to be the coolest nerd or the nerdiest cool kid? Sincerely, Nurse Ratched


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