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Monday, April 23, 2012

If The Elements Were Students

What is MY favorite element?  After much internal debate, I'd say Iron.


If the elements were all students:

Carbon and Oxygen were caught in the greenhouse [wiki] "bonding." was hot. 

Hydrogen and Oxygen go to the club and make it rain [urban dict.]

Gold pretty much took over the orchestra class because he's so good at conducting. [Monster Cables]

Platinum wants to be a rapper [ThugFashion] 
(insert in mouth... no, seriously.)

Lithium [.gov Fact Sheet] has some serious problems. 

Tungsten is the brightest one in the class. [wiki]

Barium is goth. He sticks out in stark contrast [wiki] to everyone else.

Chlorine, captain of the swim team just CANNOT convince Sodium [YouTube] to try out for the team. 

But really... everyone wants to be Iron [NASA]

"Fusion continues in red supergiants until iron is formed. Unlike the elements before it, iron releases no energy when fused. This is because iron has the most stable nucleus of all the elements. Elements lighter than iron generally emit energy if fused, since they move from a less stable nuclear structure to a more stable one. By contrast, elements heavier than iron emit energy if they undergo fission, that is, by losing nucleons (i.e. protons and/or neutrons). Again, they go from a less stable to a more stable nuclear structure... ...The stability of the iron nucleus is represented by the fact that it requires the most energy to break apart."

Yeah, everyone wants to be Iron.

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  1. Haha! VERY corny but very clever!

  2. Thanks Cricket! It's pretty ridiculous, I know, but it was fun to make!


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