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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Christianity and Horus

This was composed as an email to several of my friends.  
It is worded very informally.

Happy Easter, my friends!

Stemming from trying to find out if the movie Zeitgeist was worth watching, I delved into the legends of (1-mainly) Horus to Jesus (2nd) Mithra to Jesus, and also the rep of the movie.  Part 2 and 3 of the movie are supposedly obviously conspiracy horseshit about 911 and such.  The film maker's first part focuses on this topic to set his scene for the "control the masses" dealio.  Zeitgeist 1 uses bits and pieces of real shit, and mashes it up with things that are a real stretch, and also things that are straight up lies.  So, Horus doesn't have such exact parallels to Jesus as he claims.  There's a HUGE and really really awesome article on tearing up Zeitgeist pt 1 and also explaining in great detail what the legends are and what aspects are open (but not really proven) to have influenced the finally written Christian scripture.  Horus's legend is fun and insane by the way.

An example of shady parallel: a Mithrian ritual was baptism, as obviously is also the case in Christianity.  Mithrians, however, killed a bull and dripped the blood on you.  wee bit different than some agua.  Washing is pretty common... well not as much then but the idea of cleansing doesn't necessarily mean one begat the other.  Wow.... I just said begat...  Horus had a fight with his uncle, they tore each other apart, literally.  (Horus into 14 pieces) then they made amends and magically zipped back together again.  This sets some precedence for resurrection as a means to qualify for the messianic theme, but resurrection is elsewhere too.  Virgin birth?  Gets kinda weird in the grey-area since the stories are so crazy.  You've got Easter at an equinox and Dec. 25th is a solstice (to their calendar back then) but still, implications that the newly spread story assigned significance over top of already existing pagan ideas or dates (which did a lot of times use the lunar calendar connected to harvest ideas) is extremely hard to validate. When parallels happen so often though, it seems that at least some of the time splicing occurs.  Running away with that idea is what I'd like NOT to do, and think I had a bit before today. 

In the comments of the article, this guy goes apeshit and writes about 15 pages.  His whole point is that, separate from ANY of the tale, there's enough evidence for us to think Jesus indeed probably did exist.  He connects it in the end with his concern that historians' disagreements, along with the unrealistic want for 21st century style evidence, paves the way for denialism of any of the worst atrocities.  Bit of a jump I'd say, but he has a lot of interesting points on the way. 

There are subtle nuances to find too, like how Jesus grew up in Galilee but had to have (in writing) been born in Bethlehem in order for the Davidic genealogy to apply to him.  Which was very much important to the authors. 

One huge thing I saw all over is that the dated evidence we have reach almost at 0.  Earliest I heard was ~40CE

As a side-note, a great fun fact I learned was that, heading for the birth of the king, the "3 kings" were actually "wise men,"  except really the translation is magicians, and the interpretation is Zoroastrian magi.  Furthermore, the text says that the three gifts are, as you know, gold, frankincense, and myrrh.  That is the only reason people think that there were 3 of these dudes.  There's never a mention of how many are in the group. throws away Zeitgeist's astrology connect-the dots pretty well, and has to use some subtle stuff too, it's nice.

Here's the shit right here., great site.  It starts a tiny bit down, scroll.  This is where I spent 80% of my time.

Ending The Myth Of Horus, this guy hits all the essentials of the article, but very quickly, if you'd rather.

Boing Boing, a less serious but good quirky news outlet, provides a quick and dirty blasting of the documentary.

The Pagan Christ (no way am i gonna buy it.  Notable though is that lots of the wiki citations above go to this guy......),&cd=1&hl=en

This is one of 12 books, free, on google books, on the lore of egypt.  This one's 400+ pages and there are others in the series that are free too.


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