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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Brand New Videos from ESA / NASA: Neutron Star Mergers / Photographing Space in the Full Spectrum

Just now from my RSS feeds monitoring NASA / ESA.   I uploaded to YouTube for embedding.

Great quality, wonderful imagery, voiceover or ambient music on all.

"Merging Neutron Stars and Gamma Ray Bursts"

Video Credit: NASA / ESA

This shows each instrument we use to capture different bandpass wavelengths of the spectrum of light.  Toward the end, it shows some of the pictures we've processed with combinations of multiple instruments' results.
"What instruments do we use to capture astronomy pictures - spanning the entire spectrum of light"
The object seen is Centaurus A.

Video Credit: NASA / ESA

Similar to the first video - simulation animation and music only.  Pretty!
"When Neutron Stars Collide"
"As neutron star density decays (color shift from yellow to red), a powerful magnetic field (blue, green) projects from a black hole (center)."

Video Credit: NASA / ESA

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