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Thursday, March 1, 2012

U of Nottingham on Messier Objects M30 (Globular Cluster) and M42 (Orion) / ESA's SWARM Mission

Pretty awesome.  These first two are via Deep Sky Videos (an offshoot of Sixty Symbols)
"M30 - Globular Cluster"

Video Credit: Deep Sky Videos 

"M42 - Orion Nebula"

Video Credit: Deep Sky Videos 

I may be developing a little crush on Meghan Gray, I admit!

Here's a recent video out of ESA on their SWARM Mission:
"SWARM Science"
"ESA's magnetic field mission Swarm. A European Space Agency mission to investigate the Earth's magnetic field in unprecedented detail is due to be launched later this year. Without our planets protective magnetic field, life on our planet would struggle to survive." -ESA

Video Credit: ESA
Go HERE for more great information about the project.
Go HERE to download the vid straight from ESA.

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