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Monday, December 12, 2011

Unified Theory BS: I Debunk "The Schwarzschild Proton" by Nassim Haramein

[UPDATE: I took a second to search for Nassim's other works and... WELL!  He's pretty convinced (and he's trying to convince you) that NASA is covering up data of UFO's the size of the Earth caught on video entering the sun.  

If you know me, you know that I obviously disagree. 

According to him, these aliens are doing this in order to use the sun's singularity at it's core for space travel...  It gets better too.  Their smaller ships zip into our volcanoes to use the Earth's singularity for similar wormhole based travel. 

Honestly, I think it's wildly entertaining; but sometimes it also makes me a bit sad.
Enjoy it for yourself, but only if you're all caught up with your PhysOrg RSS feed!]    

Run this 5 minute video through your skeptical litmus test.

If all protons together equal the mass of the universe, what about the extra mass of neutrinos or other light particles that contain mass?  It makes that number, so perfect, so aligned, at first elegant. He extrapolates by combining the observed mass and density of protons with vacuum energy.  Again, this methodology, if a valid phenomenon, would have to be explained further.  Does this effect apply to other particles?  What are the implications there?  Or is this a mathematical trick?

The unification of forces, sought after for a long time, and the incompatibility of standard mechanics of gravity on the quantum scale has been a holy grail of sorts for physicists to resolve.  Now if we look at the nature of standard black holes, not protons, we can't forget that they exist as a singularity on a quantum level.  All we know of black holes then should apply to these schwarzschild protons.  This new theory debunks black hole evaporation. Stephen Hawking will be angered.
Strong force here is conveniently renamed as gravity.  It's not necessarily a revelation, that aspect is only a revelation based on simple semantics. Try to explain how black holes are now, under your theory, positively charged, as protons are already confirmed to be.

So going along with this premise, he mentions that schwarzchild singularities (black holes) are separated by one proton's length.  I didn't catch whether or not the math supported this, but the video didn't seem to provide any verbal explanation of this.  It leads to the very pertinent question: why do these black holes, held together under the law of gravity now instead of gluons, not collide?  If they did collide, we'd see the effects.  We ought to have fusion as a natural process, an inevitable process with everything but hydrogen.  Are traditional black holes, supermassive notably, schwartzchild protons?  How do they differ?  

A quick lookup based on the first few sentences in the video shows University of Leige as a legit University, with one Nobel Laureate. 
I also notice that the video mentions the paper being peer reviewed by 11 scientists and that UoL accepted this paper for an award.  Quite noticeably immediately for me at least... What journal has this been accepted/published by?  If valid, this new model of quanta turns 90 years of quantum research running away with its tail between its legs.  One university's acceptance is not sufficient for something this huge.

Furthermore, this theory, as I understand, is a math-heavy theoretical (hypothetical) model without the support of any experimentation.  In science, your model needs to be supported with data, and must sufficiently predict resulting data to jive with your model.  If the data don't fit, throw away your elegant theory, sir.

This is the website where you can find the paper.  I endorse nothing.  Here is the paper itself.

Nassim Haramein (2010). The Schwarzschild Proton

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  1. Hi,

    I just found your post about this "black hole proton" and at first glance, what you wrote is correct. This work is not sustained with any experiments results, it conatin a huge number of unconfirmed hypothesis -and wierd-, it seems unkown from the scienctific community, like from me (I'm a theoretical physicist and I follow the developpements on fields like General Relativity and Astrophysics).

    This is a pseudo-science untill confirmation and reviewing.

  2. Nassim is merely proposing a hypothesis to expand/explain a phenomenon. It's not a crime. In the field of quantum physics/mechanics not everything can be directly verified by experiment, as you might understand due to difficulty of application in a laboratory. Even the CERN Collider still did not directly prove the existence of the Higgs. Does this "Debunking" really help the general physics scene in progressing the unexplained workings of the universe?

    1. Of course not..this guy (Busby) is pathetic & sad

  3. Ok, everyone will understand skepticism, especially when moving from old to new. In our current model of the universe, so many things are left unexplained. Although Nassim has many people scratching their heads right now, with the work that he's investing time in, perhaps it will take only a few more people/ideas before our understanding goes to the next stage, and is more accepted. By the way, where's your unified theory? If you have or had one, would you have the balls to face the critics? Bring what you have, and show your earthly brothers and sisters. We're all in this together.

  4. DJ Jazzy Busby!!! I recommend watching the whole film "Black Whole" by Nassim Haramein before you debunk something. In that film, the man speaking is the actual person you are attempting to "debunk" and he talks about his proposed hypothesis and theories. Debunking a five minute video by some random is child's play.

    1. I agree, the fact that he debunked based on a youtube video gives him no credibility. Of course he wants us to read his link, strength in numbers right...

  5. I'm open minded and skeptical, as I should be. The entire point is that there is no reason thus far to take this man seriously, as his work violates much, MUCH of long standing physics. I don't hear you taking issue with a single thing I said. I do hear you urging me to buy his dvd for $19.99. I like my science open source (and peer reviewed ahem) I also don't see a Nobel, which is a shoe in if he gets accepted by the community, which he isn't yet. This guy I'm linking debunks him far better than I did.

  6. not nearly as complex as id hoped. I figured you may have some opposing evidence or opposing theory. Instead all you did was degrade his reputation, and explain youll beleive it once its proven and explained to you at school. do your research before you "debunk" anything. Nassim is making ground breaking progress on his theories and your ignorant opinion sucks lol.

  7. You don't have to buy black whole. You can just watch it on Vimeo...

    p.s. dj busby, your an idiot.

  8. I believe Nassim is on the cutting edge of a new paradigm of Uranian science that is not only resurfacing in it's cycle of life,but is being redefined and enhanced into new applications progressed into Aquarian principles.This "Keylontic" science will most seriously challenge those who cling to the old paradigms and resist change.He pulls together many threads quite clearly and for those who have researched these fields of data/knowledge with a broad expansive mind that thinks outside the box,this will flow & form some balance and unity.Those not ready, provide the counterbalance to propel those who are...get it ??

  9. Man, the comments on this thing are hilarious. This Haramein guy should really consider switching careers - he's obviously crap at maths, but I'd wager he'd do amazingly well as a politician.

    1. He's doing just fine as a $piritual Physicist / Mystical Entertainer / Esoteric Woo-woo $cientist and your own personal guru / Jesus. By God, Yahweh sent his only begotten son to be crucified *TWICE* by the Jews! ;-D

      Only this time they'll be *Ashkenazi.* ;-D Btw, My Respect to the many gr8 Jewish scientists 'round the world. Just wanted to make sure you geniuses understood. :ox But speaking of Jews, be careful, this guy looks Arabic or Muslim. If you don't accept or accede to his "theory," he may go on a personal jihad and burn HIS LAB at the "Renaissance Project." (lol) He may even behead one or two of those Jewish scientists. (OO) (GULP!)

      I think he spells "Science," *Séance.* And all those *Flowers of Life* look SO pretty, don't they? I'm mesmerized... BEDAZZLED! Maybe he 'would' do good in Politics, you're right. People DO buy his crap and believe his LIES; the number one prerequisite to making it in that field. You know he has the vote of the Mystics, New Agers and Woo-woos..... on both sides of the aisle. All the God men of India will vote for him. Maybe he should run for office there. If he wins, say goodbye to Lawrence Krauss' "A Universe From Nothing"..... for, HE, will be NOTHING, himself! He'll be God! (lol) There will be gov't educational infomercials coaxing the citizenty to practice Transcendental Meditation and Yoga. The world will be so much more a better place. Who'll need Science!? We'll be sitting in the dark meditating most of the day, anyway. Except when we're reading President Nassim Haramein's books. :ox

      He will run on the $piritual My$tical Party'$ ticket. ;-) Ok, I have to run. I'm working on my own "unified theory". I'm trying to stick all these dummies into a singularity. I'll wave goodbye as I yell: "SAY HELLO TO THE EVENT HORIZON FOR ME!!!" We'll miss them dearly. :D

  10. Have you ever heard of Dewey B Larson?

  11. I hadn't. But this quote of his I find especially amusing:
    "What I wanted to do is what we have done now, at least part way-that is what I was illustrating in putting my periodic table vertically instead of horizontally, so that each element gets a set of numbers not taken out of thin air or determined from experiment or anything like that, but from pure theory. And to the extent that we have arrived at equations such as that for inter-atomic distance, they are theoretically explained, rather than being, as Feynman said, merely quantitative."

    Experiments, quantitative evidence? Psh, who needs it!

    In his defense it was ~1930, the quantum field was still fairly new, and he strove to make a difference.

    Fun to read though, thanks. is the main site.

    This interview is interesting if you skip all the intro personal questions.

  12. FOOLS...FOOLS...FOOLS!!! If you are deficient in esoteric knowledge (the bits & pieces of advanced knowledge from our remnant history) then you are completely unequipped to comprehend to TRUTH, SIMPLICITY & SUBLIMITY of Mr. Haramein's REVELATION (and it IS INDEED nothing short of a priceless gift to Mankind)! HE...HAS...PROVEN...GOD (the all-pervasive field of infinite Knowledge & Energy), HE...HAS...PROVEN...THE TAO (Yin & Yang are the ONLY forces in existence, interacting to create all subsequent phenomena)...HE...HAS...PROVEN...KARMA (the spherical, Energy-FEEDBACK system that fuses inner-projected INTENT[ION] with outer-projected ACT[ION]) ALL ancient Masters attempted to awaken us to this understanding! DO NOT BE MISLED BY UNENLIGHTENED FOOLS WHO ARE NOT AWAKE TO TRUE REALITY!!! The WAY is to balance the Light (Electromagnetism) of your Emanation (WILL) with the Gravitational EMBRACE of LOVE at your CENTER!!!...EQUALIZE YOUR (EXTERNAL) WILL WITH (INTERNAL) LOVE at the EVENT HORIZON OF YOUR SOUL (the barrier between what moves OUTWARD (Light) & what moves INWARD (Love), it is the fusion of your Material (Gross) Body with your Astral (Subtle) Body! THIS...IS...THE...WAY...TO...ETERNAL...LIFE!!!!!!!! SLOW DOWN...GO INSIDE...BREATHE....BREATHE SLOWER...FIND YOUR CENTER...REDUCE THE POTENCY OF YOUR WILL...MAGNIFY THE POTENCY OF YOUR LOVE...FIND THE EQUILIBRIUM BETWEEN THE TWO...AWAKEN...LIVE...THEN DO THY TRUE WILL UNDER THE LAW OF LOVE!!! GREAT BEING, YOU ARE BEING HELPED IN WAYS YOU CAN HARDLY YET IMAGINE! BE BLESSED & BESTOW BLESSINGS!!! -NAMASTE

  13. Without reading the rest of your post, let me quickly address... "If all protons together equal the mass of the universe, what about the extra mass of neutrinos or other light particles that contain mass?"

    This is not the conclusion he is arriving to. He is deriving the equivalent mass of a proton IFF it was equally as dense as the quantum vacuum density", which is sadly and annoyingly undefined in his paper. The number originates here: (sec. 1-4)

    Purely hypothetical and theoretical numbers and values, based on the competing theory to "string theory". The idea is that the universe consists of a "planck aether", described here by an old student of Heisenberg.

    Long story short, NH pulled this number out of thin air and works all the math BACKWARDS to show how the different constants that form the equation. The only glaring hole I can work out is what I called you out for originally. The paragraph after equation (3) goes on to describe the mass required to uphold his theory of protons rotating around eachother at a distance of 1 diameter says "M equals the Schwarzschild mass of M = 8.85x10^14 gm". No stretch of theory could support this. All other large numbers represent hypothetical masses and densities, but he clearly states that for his theory to be true, the mass of a proton must be at least equal to this.... I don't get it.

  14. I'm loving all the input. Some insights are intriguing, and all said on this thread is AT VERY LEAST highly entertaining to me. I welcome all your thoughts, and encourage those who are in any way uncertain (on anything really) to continue research. I'm saying this about every single piece on my site, not just Nassim's stuff. The way I think does not include 100% as a value for the vast majority of "facts" It's just a matter of understanding what is the best answer we have, given all the evidence at the present. Best case scenario is 99.9 repeating%. The evidence to modify that % of validity in your head is only as accurate as your education. Keep asking questions guys, never stop.

  15. Having studied Nassim's work extensively, here's my take:

    Haramein's hypothesis is to be deemed unscientific. I'm not saying he cannot be right, but the way he puts it, it can never be scientifically proven. You see, what he's saying in his presentation 'Black Whole' from 2011 is two specific things (he actually says a lot more, but my explanation only needs two details): (1) the vacuum has an infinite energy density, and (2) the vacuum is in static vector equilibrium. Statement 1 I don't care to explain since it's pretty obvious; statement 2 means that the internal forces caused by the energy density are balanced out internally in a perfect manner.

    First off, a soccer ball that is in perfect balance does not roll, and therefore the energy within that ball cannot be measured externally. This is because the energy is in a potential state. However, when you kick the ball, it will fly off because the internal forces in the ball are brought out of balance. At this moment the energy inside the ball can be measured externally, or at least it can be calculated through its properties of speed and weight. The energy has become kinetic, but you have to bring the ball out of balance, and the measured amount energy can never surpass the amount of energy with which it was brought out of balance.

    You with me? (Couldn't help myself)

    This may seem like an awkward explanation, but do remind yourself that this vector equilibrium is how Haramein explains the so called Vacuum Catastrophe (a.k.a. the cosmological constant problem); in theory the energy density should in fact be infinite, but when NASA measures it, the density is extremely small. So this is a key point on which his whole theory rests.

    So now the solution should be pretty clear: just unbalance the vacuum, measure and be done with it. Alas, this will not work, for two reasons: (1) we would have to 'slam' the vacuum with an infinite amount of energy to actually get the full (infinite) energy density measurable (of which it can be argued that we're measuring the 'slam' and not the vacuum), and (2) causing an effect on an entity that's infinite in any of its properties is not logically possible, at least, not at humankind's current philosophical level of logical insight.

    The first one I explained earlier (the exerted energy can't exceed the inserted energy because action equals reaction), and the second reason can also be explained relatively easy. Most people with a mobile phone know that the antenna sends out any data in the form of electromagnetic energy, therefore we can view any form of electromagnetism as raw data. The philosopher David Hume stated that, in order to cause anything (among other criteria), the cause always has to precede the effect. Now, if we view energy as raw data, that means that the vacuum, being infinite in nature, has manifested all possibilities internally already. Therefore, there is no cause thinkable that will precede the effect, because the effect of any cause is already present in the vacuum.

    Later on in philosophical history there was a man named Karl Popper. He stated that in order for a theory to be deemed scientific, it must be falsifiable. This means that there has to be at least one logical circumstance imaginable in which the theory can be proven to be false. Obviously, as explained above, Haramein's theory doesn't comply with this scientific rule whatsoever. Even worse, mankind's level of logical insight explicitly contradicts the possibility of falsification. His theory is to be deemed unscientific, and one can recalculate his math over and over, but one will never conclusively prove him wrong since there is no scientific way to do this.

  16. xorpyrius, that comment was amazing. Thanks so much for your thoughts. I'm right with you.

  17. what is the serious purpose of trying to debunk the idea that all protons are entangled? what the fuck is the purpose of such? Why would you care? I mean to me emotionally speaking we'd all be better off if we lived as if this theory was true. Fuck individuality and the only possible emotional purpose of debunking it is because one has some self serving ambition. Well you know what? You know what I have to say to your emotional desire for "indivduality?" as far as i'm concerned I do not give a shit if said theory is "Factually true" or not. That's not the relevant part of these theories as much as HOW they suggest we live and the metaphsical implications of the unity of all consciousness and life. The point being that there's no seriously emotionally satisfiying reason other than the need to be right rather than reasonable to attack these ideas as "psuedoscientific" Well fuck the need to be right i'd rather be reasonable

    game theory would suggest that we should cooperate as a species irregardless. To me the relevant take away is not "law of attraction is true" or any other such idea. The relevant take away is the suggestion to live as if we are all one or suffer in the hell that is separation. To me this is a moral quandary and not so much an intellectual one. What does refuting it get us? NOTHING. We're better off together.

  18. Needs experiment... We can't prove that atoms exist by any experimentation. All of modern quantum theory relies on mathematical proof only.

    1. here's your atoms right here:

      Its the forces holding them to together I think that is whats more difficult to prove.

  19. Obviously anyone who has an established name or degree would disagree with nassim because many of the statements he has made are contrary to what we have been taught in school. It's a good thing he taught himself because sometimes we need an outside perspective. If everyone was taught under the same discipline there would be no conflict with mainstream physics. However just like now, people make mistakes. a long time ago a few intelligent people made statements that have been excepted as true, but may not necessarily be true or only partially true. Archeologist say that the pyramids were build with chisels and rolling logs. Does this sound logically correct? If you want an archeology degree, the your answer is yes. Same goes with any other discipline. If we were to correct this we would have to rewrite millions of books. So because we humans are wired to do as little work as possible, we ignore the fact and say it waste too much time, money, etc. this is probably one of the worst things we can do because the truth should be told as it is. Another issue would be to explain to the public that aliens have had a significant role in our past and existence. Many of the belief systems would be crushed by this new idea. So we stroke ourselves with what we want to believe to be true. This is not healthy and is a delusional state that must be corrected. There is enough bs as it is. A system with bs built into the underlining structure, you can count on a lot of bs. Teachers are full of shit, judges are full of shit and even parents are full of shit. The only way to really know the truth is if you look for yourself. And this is exactly what nassim has done. Through HIS own eyes he explains a topic that we have been trying to grasp for centuries. I am not saying our current physicist are wrong, but rather looking at the same coin of different sides or nassim looking at the entire coin.
    I'm am no genius but it does not take intelligence to be consciously aware. one of ensteins saying " imagination is more important than intelligence." My interpretation of this is with the word imagination substituted for consciousness. I full heartedly believe in nassim. Another thing most physicist do not have is experience in meditation. Intelligence without the balance of consciousness is completely destructive. Many people will be too afraid to leap out on the edge and take a chance to be wrong, but these are the ones shaping our future. There is no right without some wrong. So even if nassim is wrong in the end, it is one more wrong closer to right.

  20. experience with dymethyltryptamine is one that everyone should feel with wakefulness. We would be harmonious with no refute. NASSIM is the reborn Jesus! Sacred geometry should be analyzed more deeply! Try some dmt it won't hurt I promise. Only leave you more conscious for the rest of your life.

  21. I'm not keen enough on mathematical physics to debunk this paper point by point. But just because we can describe protons as black holes and get some interesting maths doesn't mean they *are* black holes. Look at the Lisi's E8 controversy of 2008 for example.

    On the other hand, I am all for people applying new ideas to apparently settled physics. It does not matter where they were educated, only that they publish like everybody else and engage fair criticism - which Nassim has done in this case.

    What any theory needs is a specific prediction not made by standard models. And it must not make claims that violate established findings (like the mass of an electron is half that of what we observe.) Until then, it is a curiosity and not much more. And it is curious how some of the established physics constants are obtained by this reformulation. But it truly new and useful? Is it even science without being falsifiabile?

    The New Age content associated with the site is troubling. Then again Newton spent a lot of time on Alchemy, so that really is not the point.

  22. Hey everyone,

    I thought it would be nice to do an update. Here we go:

    @Daeros - I don't think it's about debunking Haramein. As I said, there is no possible way to do this in a scientific manner. The only thing I truly object to is Haramein claiming that his evidence is scientific in nature, which it isn't. His theory is metaphysical, and metaphysical theories, by definition, go beyond what science can prove.

    @nana nani - we can make certain inferences regarding the substance we have conceptualized as atoms, based on the predictability of the relationship between cause and effect. Technically speaking, we'd never have to prove the existence of atoms in order to generate reliable predicitons about the mechanics of our universe. Generating these reliable predicitons is what science is trying to do. Nothing more and nothing less; cause and effect is the name of the game, so to speak. And given the tone in which you speak of quantum theory, I reckon you'd be astonished if you knew how much empirical data we have in support of it.

    @Anonymous (DMT guy) - I'll make it explicit: There is a minimum amount of sense you have to make in order to qualify for being taken serious...

    @the other 2 Anonymouses - Being an academic myself, I can only say that I totally agree with you. There are a lot of theories out there that have fundamental problems related to them, and science does need people like Haramein to keep us sharp and to prevent us from ever resting on our laurels. It ain't over 'til it's over. Point taken and totally agreeing with you.

    Happy 2013 everyone!

    1. Hi everyone, I am new here. But i would like to make a comment for Xorpyrius, perhaps elaborate on Nassim Haramein, and also somewhat in defense of "Anonymous DMT Guy". I am not a licensed scientist or academic in the literal sense, but i have learned to approach most of my life in scientific way: questioning everything around me, learning about the facts with all available supporting evidence and contradicting data. There was a quest for knowledge that I underwent, mostly because I decided to question the reality presented to me by conventional science, above all psychology physics. So I went to extreme lengths find the knowledge that no one could provide for me. So I have spent(in previous years) a considerable amount of time practicing meditation, and also experimenting with various psychedelic substances; such as LSD, various msuhrooms containing Psilocybin and psilocyn(4-HO-DMT), LSD, Mescaline, and LOTS of DMT. What I have concluded is that the effects of all of these substances, are very much the same to those experienced by advance practitioners of meditation. But most notably, the experience of psychedelic mushrooms (4-HO_DMT, go figure!)is very alike DMT, except that DMT is far more psychedelic. DMT is easily the most extreme psychoactive know in the universe, DMT is the universe. DMT and advance meditation, both will take you to the end of the existence; where the highest dimensions are, and the universe(existence) is much more aware of itself and therefore the multidimensional beings are far more intelligent than we will ever be; for one thing, they exist in many places in in space-time at the same time, which allows them to see the same moment from many different angles at one moment or they can see many different things all at once,and they can also multitask like being many people all at once. The most advanced knowledge That I have ever seen on this planet, is that which is known and practiced by the psychics, sages and shamans throughout the ages; it is them who have known all this time, the knowledge of being everything and nothing all at once. This is what I have learned in my quest for knowledge. However,as it turns out, modern day physicist do know a significant amount about the universe, actually it is quite remarkable really. But I personally I feel that what Nassim Haramein is true. The Vacuum, Space, The Nothing, Whatever you want to call it; is quite dense. If there is anyone here who has been to the higher dimensions other than me, they would know this as well. In the higher dimensions everything is vibrating incredibly close together; it feels like someone turned up the gravity meter hundreds of times greater than on planet earth. Consequently, the higher you go in dimensions the more it feels like you are at the center and at the end of the universe, and the more timeless that time feels, every moment is everlasting. Also like I said, the higher you go up in dimensions, the more you can multitask, you can do many things in a fraction of time in the higher dimensions. I also agree with Nassim Haramein, in that everything in existence has the universal form of The Vacuum, that is, everything looks like nothing; in a similar fashion to how a liquid would assume the shape of the empty container it was poured in, us and everything around you also assumes the shape of The Emptiness around us. The Vacuum can best be seen in the higher vibrations, like during REM sleep, tripping on DMT, or meditation;this when alpha waves begin to cycle, the vacuum is best visible because you can see it fluctuate like a geometrically interwoven net of liquid fiber optic cables. Consequently, all the reality around will also distort and contort accordingly to how this liquid net fluctuates. Anyway, I guess that's it, Thank you all!

    2. All I can say is... That's a hell of a comment. Carry on!

    3. Well that doesn't explain the uniqueness we see in individual things very well because wouldn't we all just blob out into more or less uniformity? After looking at the atomic structure of this platinum stuff:

      The things at this tiny scale seem to do just that kind of blobbing out into a uniform structure. Maybe their lack of DNA prevents more complex combinations of stuff that add uniqueness in and details between individuals but similarities in form to be expressed as well. Without the living DNA we just fall back into the uniformity of the carbon structure of space or the hydrogen or oxygen or phosphor structures that make up space. The DNA life force may be the code that stamps out the physical manifestation of the life form. Once it fades due to entropy the individual life form ceases to exist and its elements fall back into their uniform atomic structures. We hope the first thing to leave the Physical manifestation is consciousness and many people will swear they have left there bodies by meditation, dance, pain, sensory deprivation, drugs... the list goes on. But maybe the consciousness is heartier than we expect maybe it lingers like the traces of our DNA blowing around the universe like the sands of time. What contains the conscious? Is it trapped inside the maze of fractal structures making up our physical forms? Does it only exist because these structures exist and are functioning properly? or is it a collection of the memories programmed by its environment since becoming self aware. I think the machine is conscious it has a self aware operating system the if working properly is pre-programmed to sample data and make needs based decisions driven by sensual instincts like taste and smell. The rest of us is a collection of results from a series of outcomes from a game that we play with the universe. Don't worry eventually it appears everyone loses except the universe which devours the losers.

  23. (dmt guy) thank you anonymous decemeber 29, 2012 for backing up my statement. Well written and I could not have agreed more. Like you, I am in search of truth and knowledge. That's why my life has led me to experience wonderful chemicals like dmt the spirit molecule.
    Dmt is the gateway to the otherside. Where nothing is distinct from one another and absolutely bliss.

    Through physical training and experience, I would like all you viewers to try something at home.

    go for a slight physical exercise and then take a good long break staring at nothing but blue sky. If you concentrate deep enough you will begin to see erratic patterns which I believe is the vacuum of space/consciousness. I'm not totally sure if the exercise part is needed, but only from past experience.

    Please anyone try this and post on this thread and tell me what you think. I'd like to hear it from someone else so I know what im seeing isnt a hallucination . Then again at this point it is hard to define hallucination.
    What are we hallucinating if it is actually there in non material form.

    @xorpyrius ill make it explicit:
    Dmt has to do with everything. All consciousness (biological) deals with dmt being at the very root. even the sleeping conscious around us. Without the consciousness of space. Biological manifestations would not be possible. Matter comes from the physical world, but where does your spiritual being come from? Empty space? Thus space is never empty only transformed. Btw one of the anonymous and dmt guy is of the same entity, you can see by the relatively close time frame to which the comments are posted.
    Further more, I would also like to address the statement I made about the Egyptian pyramids. I do believe that Egyptians had a part in building the pyramids but cannot be given full credibility. I believe it was a Swiss architect that first proposed a internal ramp system which helped the building of the pyramids( great pyramid specifically). Recession

    1. Do everything you guys have stated while on your "trips", but with a clear head. Maybe your New Years resolution next year should be... "Ima getting clean Ma an Pa..."

  24. (DG) Here is an educational video that will help you understand the concept of physiological reality with that of the unseen.
    Hope this helps everyone!

  25. I know little about the math, geometry, and physics of the unified theory, but Nassim just recently (Dec 2012) published predictions about the proton charge radius which were subsequently confirmed as accurate by a particle accelerator in Switzerland just months later.

    1. The Paul Scherrer Institute did not confirm Haramein's post-diction. The change in the proton's charge radius was actually measured and published in 2010 - two whole years before Haramein's paper. The 2013 experiment gave essentially the same result as the 2010 experiment(within 0.1%) meaning Haramein predicted nothing.

      The journal which published him is part of a predatory, pay-to-publish business model and is of no significance and even less impact factor. It was removed from Wikipedia on the grounds that it has no notability whatsoever in the scientific world.

      I emailed the so-called chief editors who confirmed that even they have no control over the peer review process, which speaks much to Sciencedomain international's integrity and authenticity.

      The fact that so many people so willingly buy into Haramein's rubbish without proofreading it illustrates quite brilliantly what a world of fantasists we live in.

      On a side note, anyone heard of Hartmut Muller?

      The courtroom expert said this of Muller's paper in question: "It has no scientific grounding: it's like astrology, totally made up."

      The funny thing is, Muller referenced Haramein's work no less than 13 times in his 4-page long Global Scaling Theory paper - and ultimately went to jail for fraud.

      The question is; how long before Haramein follows him there?

  26. Wouldn't the detection of strong force messenger particles falsify the notion of black hole protons? Assuming Nassim doesn't have a way to explain gluons as the sought after gravitons.

    - Curious Non-scientist

  27. Well I liked Nassims' ideas until I found out I had to be a druggie to contemplate them. I mean, really, get a straight mind, and think about that. You have to be addicted to drugs to let them tell you they will give you the answers to the universe. >.>

  28. I've read his paper and it strikes me as an unusual idea to propose. But I will assume it's right and proceed.

    If protons are black holes, then how does this theory account for the decades of theoretical and experimental evidence for quarks located *inside* protons. Is he saying that black holes are not truly "black holes" but something else made of quarks and gluons? Is he saying that all the collider experiments are in error?

    This is either a logical contradiction or he's changing the definition of a black hole in which case his paper should simply be called "The Proton Proton". If protons are two orbiting black holes, this has consequences that are not supported by experimental evidence.

    I've looked at his other videos and frankly, this seems like New Age weirdness to me. I appreciate that current science has no answer for unification and we are probably just at the beginning of our investigation into the nature of reality, but that does not mean that all proposals with fancy (if circular) math are true.

    Many of the defensive comments here are spiritually oriented. I wish those with a more New Age mindset could appreciate how spiritual the universe - just as we find it - can be to scientists.

    He comes across as a sincere and smart person. It's really too bad he is so far outside the physics community that he can't engage constructively with it.

  29. from what i understand he is saying that all particles have the same mass of the entire universe simultaneously. as if to say all the energy in the universe comes from and shares the same source. was the mass of the universe consistent through out its existence? is the value of the energy the same now as it was in the beginning. are all particles created from that same single value of energy?

  30. I must mention that I appreciate that commentators still address one another politely with intelligent feedback on this blog. That seems more and more a rarity these days. As a Yoga teacher, I like what Nassim is saying, although I don't claim to understand the Science at all. I'm not convinced either way in this debate yet. I'm hoping that someone will succinctly prove his theory right or wrong definitively, and it seems everyone here at least is open enough to consideration for someone to do just that at some point. Someone mentioned that the maths is circular and can't be disproved, something to that effect. At the risk of sounding completely stupid could someone clarify why that would not necessarily make it true. I'm sure that did come across as stupid but there are no stupid questions, right? I need a picture. I guess that's why the geometry appeals to me more than the algebra...

  31. I think what is key to remember here is that Nassim started by asking how the big bang came into being....If there was an expansive force/event that occurred....then the opposite would've had to occur as well. A contraction. Isn't a black hole a contraction, and a big bang an expansion. If so, how many black holes are there that have expanded into big bangs? Also, the torus structure is found everywhere in nature and so that gives some indication that perhaps there are black wholes aka black holes that follow the torus pattern of contraction and expansion into big bangs. Basically just a pattern or cycle of energy.

  32. if you want to be scientific... let's be specific:

    The holo(fractal)graphic ratio relationship of quantum vacuum fluctuations (QVF) and golden ratio (phase conjugate) times planck length & time predicts:

    the charge radius of the proton with more precision than has ever been achieved before.

    Vacuum energy density assumption… which allows for
    calculating mass, developing new equations (proton-electron mass ratio, etc)
    replacing the strong force
    Enables visualizing space-time dynamics
    Gravitational Control
    Zero Point Energy

    the exact only 2 frequencies which motorize photosynthesis
    duration of the Earth year and Venus year

    the brainwave (alpha / beta) frequencies of peak perception / bliss
    The mechanism of stillness of bliss, kundalini, peak perception is also precisely phase conjugate implosive collapse - using golden ratio in EEG. Since phase conjugation does also describe the cause of perception.
    Coherent "attention" ( empathy) creates a fractal field of electromagnetic coherence (based on golden mean) and therefore charge inclusion.
    The brain (matter) is perhaps the very best example for holo-fractal architecture of nature.

    Vacuum Energy: If Zero Point Energy could be harnessed, where would the resultant energy come from?

    It is the continuous process of space-time implosion and expansion that produces the forces of gravity and electromagnetism. You may understand with the help of resonance, geometry of symmetrie:
    golden ratio phase conjugation is fractality in all wave mechanics.
    With addition of torque and spin into Einstein’s field equations there is a much more coherent model that unifies the forces of spin, electromagnetism and gravity using the most foundational topology of spacetime on all scales.
    The holographic ratio relationship of quantum vacuum fluctuations (QVF) has been found to predict the charge radius of the proton with more precision than has ever been achieved before.

    Matter on all scales is spinning because the space that defines the matter is spinning itself. As space-time curls towards singularity it approaches the speed of light, generating enormous centrifugal forces, which in turn causes expansion. The expansion of space-time is eventually overpowered by the curvature of spacetime and contracts back towards the singularity again, keeping the process in perpetual motion.
    It is the continuous process of space-time implosion and expansion that produces the forces of gravity and electromagnetism. The gravitational field is generated as space-time curls towards the singularity in the center of the system and electromagnetic spectrum is produced when the centrifugal forces of spin at the event horizon (which are close to the speed of light near the singularity), cause it to expand and radiate.

    The relationship between the inside and the outside defines the energy of
    the Proton. What we call matter is “the hologram”:
    The (specific harmonic) interference patterns of the fluctuations of spacetime on the proton surface.

    What problems can we address with the Holographic approach?

    Holographic principle says: information is stored on the 2D surface area of these boundary conditions. If though this approach we recalculate mass, using Planck units and relations we have a way simpler approach than Einstein’s Field Equations (General Relativity), yet gives same answer.

    Proton to Electron Mass Ratio Supports the new solution is simply and elegantly correct.


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