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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Most Ghetto Looking CSI Equipment Happens to be the Cutting Edge of Fingerprinting

Penn State Live, the University's outgoing news source, is now featuring a video on their technological advancements in fingerprinting.  As techniques develop, Crime Scene Investigators can work with more and more precision and efficacy.   

Bad guys=Behind Bars.... Good Guys...=Behind Bars OH WAIT strike that, technology's advanced enough, you can go free.  Be glad it's 2011, buddy.

Penn's description:
"Forensics experts can't always retrieve fingerprints from objects, but a new coating process developed by Penn State professors may change that. The process reveals hard-to-develop fingerprints on nonporous surfaces without altering the chemistry of the print. A coating application suggested by Robert Shaler, founding director of the Penn State forensic science program, and Ahklesh Lakhtakia, Charles Godfrey Binder professor in engineering science and mechanics, uses the physical properties of the fingerprint, not the chemistry of the substances left behind. Another benefit of this approach is the ability to retrieve fingerprints off fragments from explosive devices while still being able to analyze the chemicals used in the device. For more details, go to Produced by C. Roy Parker"

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