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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Civil Rights: Why You Should NEVER Donate to The Salvation Army

I know I don't normally post on Civil Rights, but after learning some time ago about the discriminatory practices of The Salvation Army, I decided to put together a tract, or pamphlet if you will.  It exposes their practices by quoting from The New York Times, The Guardian, and more.  Links to all articles are provided.

The Salvation Army is legally a Protestant Christian church. They have for years and years discriminated against gays and lesbians.
The Salvation Army is a Protestant denomination of the Christian Church with over 1.6 million members in 109 countries.
Do you donate?  Do you belong to this church?

May 24, 2004, article in full Salvation Army Uses Homeless To Fight Gay Benefits
New York City — The Salvation Army is threatening to close soup kitchens for tens of thousands of New York's homeless and walk away from other projects if the city enacts legislation requiring firms that do business with New York to offer health benefits to the partners of gay staffers.
The evangelical faith is prepared to give up the $70 million a year in city funding it receives and pull out of New York entirely the New York Post reports.

With soup kitchens, shelters, foster care programs, and HIV services the Salvation Army is one of the largest private aid groups in New York serving some 5 million people annually.
The Salvation Army has several multiyear contracts with the city totaling $250 million. Six city contracts worth $12.8 million are to expire June 30, by which time the bill may be law.
New York City council overwhelmingly approved the legislation earlier this month, and it is sitting on the desk of mayor Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg is opposed to the bill, even though his own company offers partner benefits.  Even if the mayor vetoes the legislation, the support in council is considered sufficient to override it.
Quoting "Salvation Army insiders" the Post said the organization will refuse to comply with the proposed law because it goes against one of the organization's core beliefs - that same-sex marriage is immoral.
"The Army will not change its policy," said one official, who declined to be named.
"You cannot change theological views. Those are so deeply embedded, they form the root of the faith itself."

July 11, 2001 Charity Is Told It Must Abide By Antidiscrimination Laws
''Gays and lesbians are taxpayers, too,'' said David Smith, a spokesman for the Human Rights Campaign, a group that advocates antidiscrimination protections for gays. ''Their money should not be used by religious groups to fund discriminatory practices against them.''
A Salvation Army spokesman, David A. Fuscus, said the group was not trying to get permission to discriminate against hiring gays and lesbians for the majority of its roughly 55,000 jobs and merely wanted a federal regulation that made clear that the charity did not have to ordain sexually active gay ministers and did not have to provide medical benefits to the same-sex partners of employees.
Mr. Fuscus said the Salvation Army, which is a church, did not want to undermine its theology, which holds that there should be no sexual activity outside marriage.” -The New York Times

July 10 White House Rejects Salvation Army Proposal
Some state and local laws bar discrimination in hiring gays and lesbians. Others require employers to offer health insurance and other benefits to the domestic partners of gay employees. Typically, these laws do not apply to religious groups. But it's not clear whether groups lose that exemption once they accept taxpayer dollars.” -CBS News
"What this is really about is the Salvation Army trying to get a license to discriminate using public money," said Matt Coles, director of the ACLU's Lesbian and Gay Rights Task Force.” -Same Article

Dec. 8, 2010 Sally Ann bans Harry Potter and Twilight toys

CALGARY - The Salvation Army says it refuses to distribute Harry Potter and Twilight toys collected for needy children because they're incompatible with the charity's Christian beliefs.
The policy has alarmed a Calgarian who volunteered to sift through a southeast warehouse full of unused, donated items and was alarmed when he was told by Salvation Army officials that the two kinds of toys are "disposed of" and not given to other charities.
"I asked if these toys went to another charitable organizations but was told no, that by passing these toys on to another agency for distribution would be supporting these toys," said the man, who wouldn't give his name due to his occupation. -Toronto Sun

Jan 30, 2011 Salvation Army under fire over tycoon's profits bonanza
Exclusive: Directors of Kettering Textiles Limited have earned almost £10m since 2008 through deal to run recycling banks
“The Salvation Army is facing calls to explain how it allowed a private businessman to build a multimillion-pound personal fortune with profits from its charitable clothes recycling scheme intended to be used for good causes.
A Guardian investigation into the lucrative operation has revealed that Nigel Hanger, a 56-year old textiles trader from Kettering, has earned almost £10m for himself and three fellow directors since 2008 though a deal to run the Christian charity's nationwide network of 4,500 textile recycling banks.”
-The Guardian

If you desire to donate to an active charity, honoring equality, a force acting against hate and illogical discrimination:
This secular organization's mission is “to support scientific education, critical thinking and evidence-based understanding of the natural world in the quest to overcome religious fundamentalism, superstition, intolerance and suffering.”

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