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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Science Videos Round the Web: Mar. 2, 2011

The Sagan Series (pt. 1)  Beautiful.

Video Credit: NASA/ YouTube user Damewse | Found via Io9

Discovery News: Doomsday Asteroid

Video Credit: Discvoery News article "SHOULD THE CLUTTERED SKIES DEMOTE EARTH?"

VIDEO of that recent Solar Flare captured by NASA/SDO
"When a rather large-sized (M 3.6 class) flare occurred near the edge of the Sun, it blew out a gorgeous, waving mass of erupting plasma that swirled and twisted over a 90-minute period (Feb. 24, 2011)"

Video Credit: NASA/SDO | Found on their Flickr Site | directed there from Bad Astronomy

AGAIN, from a different perspective and different filtering:

TWINKLE from Science News on Vimeo.
The most powerful solar flare to erupt from the sun in more than four years can be seen in this video taken by the Solar Dynamics Observatory. The flare appears as a brief flash just below and to the right of center, about two seconds into the video.

BBC has a great video on perspective, explaining just how small a nanometer is.  It's REALLY cool, but they won't allow me to embed it here.  Just go the their article, it's near the bottom: "Microscope with 50-nanometre resolution demonstrated"

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