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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Collection of Some New Exceptional Science and Tech Videos

PLoS Blogs: Speakeasy Science posted two really cool videos today of science experiments in the classroom "The Amazing Exploding Classroom":
"Water Cooler Bottle Methanol Fireball"
Short and awesome.

Video Credit: Mad Physics

"Potassium Chlorate and Gummy Bear"
CAUTION: This video is quite loud once the experiment is underway.  You might want to turn down the volume.  It's worth it.

Video Credit: Wallsacc

Discover Blogs: Cosmic Variance posted an article today, 
"14 billion years in 7 minutes" featuring this video from TEDxYouth Castellija.  
This is a succinct presentation on cosmology, outlining the the basics with nice visuals and a focus on wonder.
"TEDxYouth@Castilleja - RISA WECHSLER"

Video Credit: YouTube User TedXYouth

BoingBoing posted a stunning video in their recent article: 
"Waterfall in Yosemite looks like it's on fire"
At first I was extremely skeptical.  As the video progresses, it's clearer that this seems to be a true phenomenon, and quite beautiful.

Video Credit: Yosemite National Park

Technical marvels abound these days.  Here's a video of an aerial drop of military trucks, flying off the back of an airplane.
Very intense.

Video Credit: Found on Gizmodo, "Trucks Flying Out of the Back of an Airplane Are Just as Awesome as They Sound"

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