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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Collection of Coolest Science Videos Recently: Mar. 26, 2011

Yesterday on ScienceNews, an animation showing an almost hypnotic, fluid simulation based on a new theory of planetary development:
"Planets take shape in embryonic gas clouds"
"A radical new theory that planets are born within a massive veil of gas may help explain how recently discovered extrasolar planets developed their stunning diversity of sizes and locations." -ScienceNews

PLANETARY SWIRL from Science News on Vimeo.

Just Posted on Universe Today, a video from the Solar Dynamics Observatory, recent violent activity on the sun:
"Fireworks on the Sun"
"The Sun continues to be active! This movie from the Solar Dynamics Observatory starts at 11:35 UT on March 24, 2011 and goes through midnight." -Universe Today

Video Credit: NASA/SDO/YouTube user LittleSDOHMI

Astropixie shared a video with us today: a behind the scenes look at a telescope's instruments being built and the science behind their structure:
"KMOS on the very large telescope"
"A new telescope instrument called KMOS will use 24 tiny "pick off" mirrors to look at individual galaxies. It's being built in Scotland but will soon be fitted to the side of one of the giant telescopes at the VLT in Chile."-Backstage Science
7 minutes long.  If you have the spare time, it's fascinating.  Here's a still from it, showing the difference between infrared and visual light spectroscopy on an identical image:

Video Credit: Backstage Science

Hubble/ESA's Archive Video of the Day is an amazing 3d video. Short, sweet, and beautiful.
"Flying through a nebula (Artist's impression)"

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