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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Science Pictures and Videos in the News: Jan. 4, 2011

Lights in the Dark Today posted a picture of Saturn's backlit rings and limb seen by Cassini:

Image Credit: Image: NASA / JPL / SSI / Gordan Ugarkovic

Today on BBC, "Birth and death within Andromeda"

Image Credit: Click to zoom, it's at the bottom of the pic.

The Center for Astrophysics Released some amazing sun pictures today:
  (Click to embiggen, these are good wallpapers)

Image Credit:NASA/LMSAL/SAO (I cropped it)

Image Credit: NASA/LMSAL/SAO

Bad Astronomy's Post today: "INSANELY awesome solar eclipse picture"

Image Credit: Thierry Legault

Today on Discovery News, "On the Trail of Magnetic Monopoles" features this elegant picture below. 

Image Credit: ?? A TinEye search didn't lead me to credits for this, but it did point me to it's posting on a great, if not new "Ask a Physicist" Article on Io9, which also features this uncredited image:

Image Credit: Io9 also didn't credit this, and TinEye is showing only Io9 on its results.

An Article today on PhysOrg: "The impact of double black holes and radio galaxies in the Milky Way"


Today's Post on the Planetary Society Blog, "How Mars Express' orbit shifts with time" features this bizzare and fascinating video mapping the orbit of this Mars satellite.

Video Credit: ESOC / video and caption by Thomas Ormston

NASA /JPL Released a new picture today, "Juno Mission to Jupiter (2010 Artist's Concept)"

Image Credit: NASA/JPL

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