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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Today's Overflow: Science links for Dec. 8, 2010

Update and Uh-Oh...  There are 2 arXiv papers now released refuting the recent so called evidence (from the CMB) of our universe being one of many big bangs.  Circles supposedly found in the cosmic microwave background were inferred to be linked to the collision of huge black holes dating before the Big Bang.  Discovery News gives us the skinny on the debunking, with nice juicy links.  I ran this story along with tons of other people.  Excuse me while I go make an addendum to my old post about evidence for a possible cyclic universe.

"Viable Female and Male Mice from Two Fathers" Article on ScienceDaily

"Feeling chills in response to music" Article on PhysOrg

"How to make graphene with a pencil and sticky tape" Article w/Video on PhysOrg

"Genetic test can scan fetus through mom's blood" Article on Yahoo Health

A fascinating article showing size perspective of events that have happened in the news, superimposed over pictures or maps of scale that we are already familiar with.  Regular readers of my blog know that I have a real fascination with just how small (and just how large) we are.  Article on Krulwich Wonders

And the BIG Uh Oh...
A new Article over at Discover Blogs: The Loom does us all a favor and compiles significant complaints by scientists that make up the backlash from NASA's "Arsenic Life" press conference.  Many, including myself, seem to think it was a publicity stunt.  Regardless, scientists are saying the experiment was just plain bad science.

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