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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Today's Overflow: Breaking Science Links, Dec. 15, 2010

"Submerging your feet in alcohol will not get you drunk" Article on PhysOrg | Come on, Brits, seriously?  All I have to say is, One step for science...

NASA just announced that new crewmembers will soon be aboard the ISS.  Also, they provided some brand new options available for the public to connect with them. and , for twitter news that will be updated by ISS crewmember Coleman, specifically covering Expedition 26/27.  NASA's PR is incredibly good at social media outreach.  Their actions should and will be mimicked.

Discover Blogs: 80 Beats Reports the background behind the hype of a story, "Man Cured of Aids," floating around the internet right now.  It turns out this is an old story, not breaking news by any means.  A recent journal published a status update, that's all.  It's awesome, no doubt, but it's not breaking, like some outlets would have you think.

"Positive Mood Allows Human Brain to Think More Creatively" Article on ScienceDaily

"'Aha' Effect: New Hypothesis Seeks to Explain the Pleasures of Insight" Article on ScienceDaily

"Atomic Weights of 10 Elements on Periodic Table About to Make an Historic Change" Article on ScienceDaily


PhysOrg has an update on the controversy and aftermath behind the "Arsenic Bacteria" story.  Hidden in the explanation is this gem I didn't know.
To quote,
  "The journal's editors have "received about 20 technical comments and letters responding to the article," the magazine said in a statement sent to AFP on Tuesday."

Symmetry Mag, whose tweets are some of THE best in my opinion, tweeted a link to a NY Times article released today, covering inconclusive controversy of the "Cyclic Universe" story, aka the "Many Big Bangs" story, aka the "Rings in CMB" story.  End result?  Evidence isn't solid, don't make a big deal of anything yet, guys!  Sheesh!  And kudos to NY Times for their correction at the bottom of their article.

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