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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Brain Bloggers survey

Through the Looking Glass is conducting research on "Brain Bloggers."  Step one is a basic survey.  The following provides some insight into me as a writer, as well as the history and current state of this blog.  Thanks to all of you for your readership and support.  Because of you, I can be proud of my efforts. 
They are inviting us to post the survey on our blogs, so here it goes!

Blog URL:

What do you blog about?
    Physics and Astronomy, with spatterings of other breaking news in science

Do you feel as if you fit into any particular community, network or genre if science blogging? (e.g. neuroscience, bad science, ex-sbling)
    As a contributor to, my technical articles on physics and astronomy receive a lot of traffic
If so, what does that community give you?
    Positive responses have made me feel even more welcome and inspired me to continue writing.

Are you paid to blog?
    My blog mildly promotes my music career via mp3 downloads through various online outlets.  Corresponding sales generate some income.

What do you do professionally (other than blog)?
   Currently unemployed.

How long have you been blogging at this site?
   Since mid Sept. 2010

Have/ do you blogged elsewhere? When? Where?

Would you describe yourself as a scientist, or as a member of the scientific community? Do you have any formal/ informal training in science? (if so, what area?)
    I am an amateur scientist, science-themed musician, and amateur science journalist.

Do you have any formal training in journalism, science communication, or similar?
   I have an associates degree in science.

Do you write in other platforms? (e.g. in a print magazine?)

Can you remember why you started blogging?
   I look up a large amount of science news online daily, and finally chose to share what fascinates me most.

What keeps you blogging?
  The steady increase in traffic, as well as positive comments expressing enjoyment and respect for my content.

Do you have any idea of the size or character if your audience? How?
   My traffic began in mid Sept. with 3-4 hits a day, and now has 150-400 hits a day. has generated a lot of traffic, implying an intelligent readership.  Additionally, ads I had for a while on my site were not clicked on, which is indicative of the demeanor of my readership.  I removed the ads and left only links to my music for sale online.

What’s your attitude to/ relationship with people who comment on your blog?
  I don't get a lot of comments, but when I do, I respond always.  It's a very personal interaction and is normally intelligent banter.

What do you think are the advantages of blogging? What are its disadvantages/ limitations?
   Advantage-  The ability to change topics or style of writing on a whim is very liberating.  Frivolous and silly content, as well as jokes, can be used when and if I want to, without repercussions.   
  Disadvantage- Income difference inherent to independence

Do you tell people you know offline that you’re a blogger? (e.g. your grandmother, your boss)
  Yes.  My blog's name is easy to remember, and the vast majority of those I have told have checked into my blog and given me positive feedback.

Is there anything else you want to tell me about I haven’t asked?
   A good question not asked would be: How often do you post on your blog.  Answer: an average of 6 out of 7 days a week.

-Dj Busby

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