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Friday, December 3, 2010

"Blacker Than Black" Carbon Nanotube Paint, 10x Better, To Be Used On Telescopes

"NASA engineers develop 'blacker than black' nanotubes (w/ Video)" Article w/Video on PhysOrg

This paint, made out of lab grown nanotubes, is 10x blacker than the black paint used on our current telescopes to block out light and prevent reflection.  Right now, with the old black paint, 40% of the data we receive is tainted and unusable due to minor reflection of light on these black surfaces.  This new paint will have an enormous effect optically on our telescopic equipment.  I'm looking forward to the pictures we'll get with this new technology.  NASA's pumped up about it, because they'll be throwing away way less than 40% of their data from now on. 

Video Credit: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
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