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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Videos, Pix, and Follow Ups

Another awe-inspiring Size and Perspective of Us VS the Universe type of deal.  Beautiful, it makes my heart hurt.

Video Credit: morn1415 on YouTube, check his YouTube Channel here.

Today's Astronomy Picture of the Day is copyrighted, so I can't post it.  Strangely, today's picture's connection to astronomy is very loose, but it's pretty regardless.

Here's IO9's Take on the nanosatellite O/OREOS that I covered earlier (my post back on 11/20/2010)

IO9's Take, "Our solar system is home to immigrant comets from alien stars" actually has a GOOD title for this story, as opposed to the one I covered/ridiculed in yesterday's Post (11/27/2010)

Gizmodo's Article "This is what happens when you burn Steel Wool" embedded this fascinating video:

Video Credit: NurdRage on YouTube | I don't know why it's so captivating to watch, but the last burn in slo-mo is just awesome!  Don't try it at home or you're gonna burn the damned house down, I just know it.

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