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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Turning Skin Into Blood / Plasma Rain / Digital Philosophy

"Scientists Turn Skin Into Blood (w/Video)" Interesting Article on PhysOrg.  You'll also find this article reworded all around the web.

Today's a slow day so far as breaking science news, so go ahead and watch this short video awesomeness.  "Plasma Rain," a hundred million tons of it, erupts on the sun and falls back via the sun's gravity. 

Video Credit: SDO/NASA April 19th 2009

Here are a few incredibly fascinating topics.  You could seriously spend days on this stuff, and it could even potentially broaden your horizons.  I don't necessarily subscribe to the ideas, but they blow my mind nonetheless.

"Digital Philosophy" says that all actions and quantities in nature can be boiled down to integers, and further to 0 and 1.  A binary universe if you will.  Interesting isn't it!

To build on this, there is the "Simulation Argument."  Could it be possible that our universe in not only binary, but down to bare bones, a computer simulation in itself?  Here's an insightful Paper that seems to me to make more sense then it ought to.  These ideas are far out, and it's startling to see a logical and levelheaded argument.  Very cool ideas!

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