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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Squeezing an Ocean of Water out of Rocks

Amazingly, new studies show that the amount of water in the molten rocks that our proto-earth was comprised of could have been enough to cause massive amounts of steam to settle into significant size oceans at a time much earlier than we first thought.  This could mean that life's development on earth had more time in ideal conditions than we used to think.  It's a fairly radical change to the idea of comets seeding all the water on earth.  It also brings about thoughts that Mars might have had even more water early on than we thought, therefore increasing its chances of once having life inhabiting the planet.  Article on ScienceNOW

There's going to be a NASA press conference on Thursday, with an astrobiologist attending.  Here's the press release that simply tells us so.  The internet is going wild with speculation at the moment.  Everyone's hoping they're going to announce that they've found extra-terrestrial life.
Here's Bad Astronomy trying to calm down the hype. Acupuncture isn't really a pseudoscience anymore!  Experiments recently validate this formerly "shady" practice in a new light.  Article on PhysOrg

Speaking of Cassini, the Article on Universe Today is quality info about Cassini, and features the following video podcast, SpacePod

Video Credit:

Universe Today also has an Article on Russia's plan to clean up the debris we've accumulated in orbit around earth.  This broke in the news about 4 days ago.  I covered it briefly in the day's overflow links.  The whole process will be developing over time, so we're gonna get more and more news on this project.

Today's Article on Discover Blogs: 80 Beats has a different picture and expresses their take on the subject.

Scientists have set their sights on a Lung Cancer Vaccine.  This is fairly huge news, especially if you consider the economics involved in the tobacco trade.  My friend said that if it really seemed like it would reach fruition, now would be the time to invest both in the vaccine makers and the tobacco companies.  Fairly guilt free smoking would change things a lot, I'd imagine.  Article on PysOrg

I'm really glad Ars Technica covered the recent discovery of quantum non-locality and heisenberg's uncertainty principle being intricately linked.  Article on Ars Technica | My take on it from 11/20/2010


We apparently cannot walk in a straight line if we are blindfolded.  Article on NPR Blog: Krulwich Wonders


"Colliding galaxies cause incredibly bright starbust inside cloak of dust" Article on IO9 | This is IO9's take on the article I pointed to (NASA JPL source) in "Today's Overflow" of my Post on 11/24/2010

"Most complicated experiment ever hopes to detect gravitational waves for the first time" Article on IO9

"What Happens When You Mix Every Single Element Together at Once?" Article on Gizmodo

Bioluminescent trees are just around the corner.  A technique using nanoparticles of gold interacting with plant life has produced significant bioluminescence.  Article on NPR Blog: Krulwich Wonders | And how do you make gold nanoparticles?  Add cinnamon!  Article on Discover Blogs: Discoblog

The Milky Way's stars are moving in mysterious ways.  I can hear a U2 endorsement just over the horizon.  Article on PhysOrg

This looks incredible, but there's just too much news today for me to cover everything in depth.  "New particle links dark matter with missing antimatter" Article on PhysicsWorld

The Couch Potato Effect!! Article on PhysOrg

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