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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New way to detect clandestine nuclear reactors globally by tracking antineutrinos

We found a way to accurately detect clandestine nuclear reactors from afar.  The technology is based on detecting the massive amount of antineutrinos emitted, a telltale signature.  The author mentioned a fact I found especially interesting.  When an antineutrino collides into a proton, a neutron and positron are generated.  Not quite proton decay, but really cool.  Article on Physics arXiv Blog | Paper on arXiv

    I find this newly released technology interesting, considering the classified mission of the satellite launched two days ago... I'm not drawing any conclusions but it'd be funny if they were connected, wouldn't it!

"Black Holes Merge With A Flash of Light" by Discover News explains the observations involved in the merging of two supermassive black holes.  Now here comes the technical stuff...  The event will have a specific distinguishable electromagnetic signature within the frequency of visible light, due to accretion disks heating up.  This information will be collected in tandem with Gravity Wave detection, to further confirm the accuracy of the observation.  I covered the gravity wave detector LIGO a while back (check back to this post from 9-18-2010.)  The Discovery article also explains the recent breakthrough in simulations of black hole mergers with large size ratio differences, such as 1:100.  I covered that story a while back as well.  (check back to this post from 11-19-2010.)  The Discovery News article does a good job explaining the idea, but with the links provided here you should be able to truly get a full grasp of what's going on. Article on Discovery News

Check out this mindblowing video showing a 3d version of two black holes of equal size merging, with gravity wave line mapping.

Video Credit: Henze / NASA | Here's NASA's webpage on the subject.

Symphony of Science has a new video/song, "A Wave of Reason."  This truly fills my heart up.  Many thanks, John, for expressing these words in an emotionally moving form.


Diagnosing happiness as a disorder?  That makes me happy...  Uh oh...  Article on Discover Blogs: Discoblog

"Recent Posts in Quantum Computing" Article on Emergent Hive

FCC to add texts and picture texts as acceptable usage for 911 emergency calls.  Article on Gizmodo

National Science Foundation giving financial support of 34.5 Million dollars to University of Wisconsin-Madison for operations at IceCube Neutrino Observatory.  Article on University of Wisconsin-Madison

"Sensory detection and discrimination: Study reveals neural basis of rapid brain adaptation."  Article on PhysOrg

Please Please Please look at the pictures on Bad Astronomy's post Here.  I really wanna steal all those pictures.  Amazing.

"Concussions Change Brains." Article on PhysOrg

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