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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Calling out Reuters and PhysOrg on journalistic accuracy

Reuters reports that CERN's LHC could possibly soon give actual proof of the existence of dimensions other than our normal four.  (our 4 = 3d plus time) COOL!
Reuters in the same Article reports that the CERN has been "creating millions of simulations of the Big Bang" in the collider...  That's really funky language and I don't like it.  No sir, I don't.
I know I've gone on before about how this kind of wording bothers me.  Browse over the succinct explanation of the lead ion collisions on CERN's Website and notice that they say that they are recreating conditions that existed just after the big bang, and are specifically referring to quark-gluon plasma.  ...  Am I the only one prickly about this? 

Speaking of... I have a problem with vilifying video games in a headline like the following:  "When Video Games Get Problematic, So Does Smoking, Drug Abuse, and Aggression."  In the article it explains that a survey of just over 4000 adolescents showed a a statistical connection with problematic gaming and these other problems; BUT NOTICE THE IMPLICATION OF CAUSE-EFFECT!  The study does not determine in any way that gaming LEADS to these habits/conditions.  This is what I mean by vilifying.  Tsk Tsk.  Article on PhysOrg (I forgive you PhysOrg!)

I love this site so very much, despite the article linked above.  As proof, here are some recent mind-blowers on there:


Fascinating article about recent high resolution readings of the sun's magnetic fields.  Bubbling plasma on the surface, pushing upward, pulling downward, a 100Km area can have a magnetic field strength 3000 times stronger than the Earth's.  Article on PhysOrg

Maturity mapped out in MRI's:  MRI's show that the five regions of the brain collectively known as the "Default-Mode Network" act out of sync in children, which causes egocentric behavior.  The regions start to act in concert during adolescence, continuing into adulthood, allowing for introspection, empathy, and perspective.  (otherwise, in essence, maturity)  Article on PhysOrg 

Practice makes perfect... But why is that so?  "Discovering the Source of Long-Term Motor Memory" Article on PhysOrg

"Youngest Nearby Black Hole Found (w/Video)" You'll see versions of this article all over the web today.  Article on PhysOrg or the Press Release on the Center for Astrophysics

Here's IO9's take on the ZZ event recorded at the LHC.  It actually explains what's going on, unlike what I did at the end of my post yesterday...  Which was provide a link and make a bunch of nerdy jokes.

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