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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Subatomic Particles Overview Article and Microsoft's Bing Now Working with Facebook

io9 has a great article today, an overview of subatomic particles: part 1 of 2. (next to be released tomorrow)  It's very digestible, with very few inaccuracies, mostly due to his effort not to go overboard with his explanations.

Microsoft, in response to the Facebook boom, decided to work together with this wildly popular social networking site instead of competing with them.  The plan is for Bing to incorporate Facebook "likes" into their search statistics.  The Facebook "like" icon has been added to thousands of webpages recently to react to Facebook's ever-growing popularity.  Bing will not be able to use any of your private info, so if you haven't specified your Facebook privacy settings, do it soon for the love of god!!!  Facebook "likes" seem to not be categorized as private information at this point.  With this aggregation included in Bing's engine, pages that have more Facebook "likes" will be listed in higher priority in your search results.  I'm thinking that this will give underdog websites a more difficult challenge to rise up and compete, and will strengthen and promote the most popular sites.  This actually might be ideal for the consumer, since the most popular is often the most relevant as long as your search query is worded correctly. [Full article on Arstechnica]

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