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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sound waves are frozen and imprinted across all of space!

Brookhaven, New York lab extrordinaire, recently posted in their blog about a project known as BOSS.
Here's the breakdown of what they're looking for.  When all matter in the universe was the size of a dot, there had to have been density differences.  The density differences HAD to have produced vibrations in the material: sound waves.  Add the following rapid expansion of spacetime and voila! You might have a pattern to the matter distribution (clumping of galaxies) that correlates.
BOSS has started to recreate an intricate three dimensional map of the observable universe, and hopes the results will show how the early universe's acoustics have affected current positioning.
Crazy eh?
I wanna see them draw the waveform in an audio program, crank it up to listenable frequencies, and hit play.  Mmmmm I can't wait!

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