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Saturday, September 25, 2010

New teaching trick saves TONS of effort. Of 100% of time exposed, only work for 50%, learn just as much

A new study showed that perceptive exposure during learning is more effective than actual practice.  Trying to learn a guitar solo?  Practice for 50% of your normal practice time, then the 2nd half just listen to it on repeat while involved in some other random activity of your choice.  The study says you'll learn at the same rate as if you practiced the whole time.
Stop and think of how you can use this approach in your life.
I always thought that science audiobooks wouldn't be practical for me to listen to because of my frequent stops in order to ponder the presented information.  This study makes me think that barely paying attention to science audiobooks in the background would provide perceptual exposure to me, while I can physically read other books on the same topic for my actual reading time.

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