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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Magnet craziness / Does antimatter get repelled by gravity?

Check out This Video.  It's on MIT's webpage.  They've got this crazy magnet setup where you can drop a metal object on this plate and it spins, zomg!  If I had one of these I'd be spending a lot more of my time staring and drooling.

I recently found an article with such fascinating topics mentioned that I spent a good hour on wikipedia.  Does antimatter get repelled by gravity instead of attracted?  If so, what's its interaction with black holes?  Read this article, "If Antimatter Falls Into A Black Hole, Does It Make A Sound?"  And check out the wikipedia entry on gravitational interaction of antimatter for a bit more info.  While researching, I landed upon the topic of negative mass, a concept that sound impossible, but actually arose from implications inferred by our math.  Fascinating stuff, seriously.

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