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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Space Poem - "Andromeda" by Victoria Fraser

I randomly found this on the web, and it really touched me.  I just had to share it.
Written by Victoria Fraser


I was the Milky Way and she was my Andromeda.
We were almost same age and filled with
countless complicated constellations.
Astronomers have yet to connect
all of the dots dispersed among our celestial bodies
because some of our stars are so deep inside our minds that
it’ll be a few thousand light years
before all of our suns and nebulas
are exposed to the worlds cosmodomes. 

We mirrored each other almost perfectly
like half sisters with similar DNA, but slightly different faces.
Each time I saw her, I would reflect her smile with mine and
with every embrace I would trace the perimetre of her skin
the same way I map out Cassiopeia's W formation
in the sky with my fingertips.
I used to look up at her like she was the North Star,
I nicknamed her Polaris and I knew
I would never lose my way so long as she stayed.

Scientists say we're on a collision course, 
but we collided long before God
even thought about pressing record.
We existed in a realm of subatomic particles
eventually becoming atoms and after that full on molecules,
we traded fables through the paths our electrons travelled,
and I remember, speaking to her was easier than breathing.

So much so that I kept a collection of all her sentences
and wrapped them around myself.
I strung her syllables along my outer shells like beads
and I only ever wore necklaces formed from her words.
Then when she slept, I would remain awake and I read her sentences
again and again as they spun pirouettes around me until suddenly
the universe EXPLODED
and we grew into galaxies.

Though space expanded between us, we continued to keep touch
I sent her messages on comets and she replied to them with meteorites
one of which may have killed the dinosaurs,
but every relationship has its consequences.

Then in a moment, sudden as sound
she disappeared, Andromeda, my dear,
you left without farewell I don't know what happened,
but the Little Dipper and I are incomplete without our Polaris.

What I didn't know when I nicknamed you my North Star
is that every few thousand years the Sun and the Moon
play violin with the gravitational pull of our planet
until eventually the Earth's axis is tilted and a new star takes the title.
Today, Polaris is two moon lengths away from where it used to be
two moon lengths away from where I need you to be, Andromeda,
the stars have shifted,
the Earth's axis has twisted,
you're presence is missing,
but I will still call you my North Star wherever you are.

For now, without you the sky is dim.
Scorpio and Orion are bickering again.
Cygnus is pointing in the wrong direction.
Hercules is holding is bow backwards,
the pattern of the sky is completely unorganized.

Then, last week, Pluto told me he thought he saw you talking to Betelgeuse
So I grabbed my telescope and I spent hours glued to that cylindrical tube
Searching, until the moon told me she could keep day at bay, no longer.

If you're still out there, Andromeda
I've sent another comet; the people named it Halley's
It'll come around every 75 years I just want you to know, 
I am still here
and I will be your Milky Way until the day scientists say
we collide again.

Image Credit: X-ray: NASA/CXC/MPA/M.Gilfanov & A.Bogdan; Infrared: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ SSC; Optical: DSS
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